Discover the Perfect Color Combinations for Your Next Sewing Project!

Discover the Perfect Color Combinations for Your Next Sewing Project!

Get ready to elevate your sewing projects with the perfect color combinations that will make your creations stand out! From lilac and green to rosé and apricot, these trendy patterns are sure to inspire your next sewing project. With a range of sewing patterns available in our shop, including skirts, blouses, and pants, you can mix and match to create your unique and stylish outfits. 

We love a good color combination, especially when the clothing is handmade. Find out which patterns Thea @thneu combined for our COLOR THERAPY reel: 

Unveiling Trendy Color Combinations for Your Sewing Projects

Outfit 1 – Lilac & Green: A Fresh Take on Summer Styles

Embrace the vibrant charm of lilac and green for your next sewing project. This color duo breathes life into any summer wardrobe, offering a refreshing twist on classic styles. Picture a 50-1 Summer Jersey Skirt in a soft lilac hue, paired seamlessly with a white Standard Lapel Collar Blouse and a sweater from Uniqlo. The blouse, hacked to an extra short length, is ideal for wearing over skirts and pants without the need for tucking in, making it a practical choice for those warm, sunny days. 

Skirt: 50-1 Summer Jersey Skirt – Shop sewing pattern

Blouse: 14-1 Standard Lapel Collar Blouse, hacked in extra short to be perfect over skirts and pants without tucking in – Shop sewing pattern

Sweater from Uniqlo

Outfit 2 – Lilac & White: A Classic combination

The timeless elegance of lilac paired with crisp white creates a sewing project that's both classic and on-trend. Envision a charming 68-3 Mini Skirt adorned with appliquéd flowers, crafted in a delicate white. When combined with a simple lilac sweater, this look becomes an instant staple for any spring or summer collection. 

Skirt: 68-3 Mini skirt with appliquéed flowers – Shop sewing pattern

Sweater from Uniqlo

Outfit 3 – Rosé & Apricot: A Deliciously Stylish Combo


Step into the sweet and stylish world of rosé and apricot, a color combination that's as delightful as it is fashionable. These warm hues bring a playful yet sophisticated touch to any sewing project. Consider the 52-1 Box-cut linen blouse in a soft rosé shade, with its pointy collar adding a dash of retro flair. Pair it with a 45-2 Narrow pencil skirt in apricot or a vibrant pattern for a cohesive look that's super chic. This duo is perfect for sewists looking to add a pop of color and personality to their creations. 

Blouse: 52-1 Box-cut linen blouse with pointy collar – Shop sewing pattern

Skirt: 45-2 Narrow pencil skirt with pleat – Shop sewing pattern

Outfit 4 – Green & Green: A Monochromatic Masteroutfit

Monochromatic fashion is a trend that stands the test of time, and going green is a bold way to embrace this timeless style. A monochromatic ensemble in varying shades of green not only makes a statement but also offers versatility in styling. For instance, the 61-3 Very Loose Business Pants with welt pockets in a light green paired with a lighter green 49-1 Polo Blouse with bow closure creates a harmonious and modern look. This approach to color coordination in your sewing project allows for texture and pattern variations while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic. 

Pants: 61-3 Very loose business pants with welt pockets – Shop sewing pattern

Blouse: 49-1 Polo blouse with bow closure – Shop sewing pattern here or get it for free when subscribing to our newsletter

Outfit 5 – Green & Cobalt: Cool & Captivating

Combining green and azure in your sewing project can create a look that's as refreshing as a sea breeze. These two cool tones complement each other perfectly, evoking the tranquility of nature and the depth of the ocean. Picture a 65-11 Irregular Plate Skirt in a deep blue, complete with a plug belt for added detail and structure. The contrast between the green and blue results in a captivating outfit that's sure to turn heads. So, let green and azure take your sewing project to new heights, where cool meets captivating effortlessly.

Skirt: 65-11 Irregular plate skirt with plug belt – Shop sewing pattern

Blouse – thrifted

Your Journey to Stylish Creations Awaits!

There you have it, fashion enthusiasts and sewing hobbyists! A world of vibrant color combinations and chic patterns beckons you. From the refreshing blend of lilac and green to the timeless allure of monochromatic green, the possibilities for your sewing projects are endless. Find all included patterns here: 

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