About us

sisterMAG Patterns founders Evi, Toni & Thea

sisterMAGpatterns is the long awaited patterns shop and ressource for DIY patterns and all styles from the sisterMAG team. A sustainable and conscious lifestyle says NO to Fast Fashion and YES to homemade, DIY, individual pieces created by yourself. You know the worth of your clothes when you've created every seam and detail. 

For a long time handmade fashion meant jersey sweaters and untailored garments. We've grown up with the understanding that handmade clothes are not less fashionable than bought ones but exactly the opposite. Our mom Evi Neubauer studied Textile Engineering in Berlin/Germany in the 1970s and 80s. Because of her living in the GDR she was never able to pursue a career as a fashion designer but used her creativity at home for the most lavish garments and crazy ideas. This passion contributed to more than 50 issues of the online magazine sisterMAG by her daughters Toni & Thea with extravagant cover dresses and collections inspired by the newest runway trends. 

We have gathered her wit and ideas for all-things DIY and have created @sistermagpatterns, an online shop and space for the elegant do-it-yourself aficionado who is looking for modern, interesting patterns that scream Paris Fashion Week rather than smalltown fabric shop. 

If you want to follow along, please subscribe to our Social Media or have a look at the Online Magazine sisterMAG, that features all past patterns and ideas how to style our creations. 

Our team

Without a team of amazing designers and experts we would have not been able to start this shop – we thank our "new" sisterMAGpatterns team with our internal team and new external experts! 

All tutorials & translations:

Evi Neubauer, Anja Schotte, Anna Schmalfuß, Ruth Hopf & Doreen Tiersch




Marie Darme & Ilaria Trombí & Ezbah Ali

Project Management & Texts:

Carolin Kralapp, Thea Wittemann & Ira Häussler