Size chart for our patterns

A few words on size inclusivity: After doing sewing patterns for many years as a side project and only available in one size for our magazine sisterMAG, we finally fulfilled our dream a few years back, starting to grade and work on our back catalogue. Most of our patterns – and all of the new ones – are available in Sizes 34-50 (US 4-20 | UK 8-24). 

As we are a super small team with limited resources we do not have the expertise in house - yet - to develop patterns that go beyond size 50 although we would really like to offer a more diverse range of sizes. As we don’t want to sell something that is ill-fitted and won’t work we are limited to the sizes that we can offer right now. 

Thank you so much for reading. 

The sisterMAG Patterns team


Download chart as PDF: here.

Please find our sizing chart for the sewing patterns: 


1. Body height

2. Bust measurement (below the arms and along bust & back)

3. Waist measurement

4. Hip, usually around 18cm underneath your waist – the widest point along your hips

5. Shoulder width

6. Back width

7. Front waist length

8. Back length from your cervical vertebrae to your waist

9. Arm length


Size Chart for women clothing Size Chart Sizes 34-50 for sisterMAG Patterns

Conversion Chart for Sizing

Size Chart for baby clothing