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30-1 Mini dress with postcard motive


This eye-catching dress model was created for the sisterMAG issue 30 and radiates holiday feeling. You can use a silk or viscose fabric of your choice and determine the length of the dress individually. In the middle of the back part there is a 60 cm long zipper. If you want to refine the dress optically, you can use pearls and sequins for embroidery.



Recommended materials / fabrics

Motive fabric made of silk or viscose - otherwise a light fabric, which is suitable for dresses. The fabric should be washed according to the manufacturer's recommendations before cutting to size, so that the finished dress does not shrink when washed later. 

Fabric in matching colours for the back part and trimming (fabric consumption: 1x the length of the dress plus seam allowances) 
60 cm seam zipper 
Beads and sequins for embroidery 
Sewing thread in matching colours (120)

Fabric requirements

The length of the dress should be determined according to the choice of motive fabric. You will need 1x the length of the dress plus seam allowances. 

Sizes included in download: 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Garment fit: normal fit

Seam allowance: Not integrated

Step-by-step illustrations Step-by-step illustrations: Not included

Pattern layout plan: Not included

Languages: 🇺🇸 English 🇩🇪 German / Deutsch

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Instant download – get your patterns right away

Print at home in A4 or Letter format | Copyshop format in A0

No cutting, just gluing – quick assembly when printing at home

Product details

Instant download – get your product right away

Three ways to download your pattern instantly:

(1) Via the download button "Download pattern" directly on the order confirmation page

(2) After your order confirmation email, you'll receive an email with a download button

(3) In your customer account, you can download your pattern at any time!

What's included in your download

This is a digital pattern for download. The download contains the pattern in copy store format (A0), A4 (Europe) and Letter (US) format for self-adhesion, measurement chart and sewing instructions. You will find all sizes in this PDF. Each pattern is available in English and German language.

Size Charts

A few words on size inclusivity: After doing sewing patterns for many years as a side project and only available in one size for our magazine sisterMAG, we finally fulfilled our dream a few years back, starting to grade and work on our back catalogue. Most of our patterns – and all of the new ones – are available in Sizes 34-50 (US 4-20 | UK 8-24). 

As we are a super small team with limited resources we do not have the expertise in house - yet - to develop patterns that go beyond size 50 although we would really like to offer a more diverse range of sizes. As we don’t want to sell something that is ill-fitted and won’t work we are limited to the sizes that we can offer right now. 

Thank you so much for reading. 

The sisterMAG Patterns team


Download chart as PDF: here.

Please find our sizing chart for the sewing patterns: 


1. Body height

2. Bust measurement (below the arms and along bust & back)

3. Waist measurement

4. Hip, usually around 18cm underneath your waist – the widest point along your hips

5. Shoulder width

6. Back width

7. Front waist length

8. Back length from your cervical vertebrae to your waist

9. Arm length


Size Chart for women clothing Size Chart Sizes 34-50 for sisterMAG Patterns

Conversion Chart for Sizing

Size Chart for baby clothing

Printing instructions & assembly – fast & easy

Print patterns at home

The PDF pattern comes in two different sizes: A4 paper (21 x 29,7 cm) and Letter format (8.5 x 11 inches). 

If you are printing the pattern at home, please make sure that the printer is set to: 

This way the pattern will be printed to scale and the size will not be distorted. A quick check is our 10cm / 3 inch size ruler, which is always printed on the first page of the pattern. Best to print out the first page by itself, check the length of the line to be sure that the pattern has not been wrongly scaled by your printing software. 

Our updated PDF patterns (look for the button "with TECHNICAL DRAWINGS" for updated patterns) contain selectable layers that allow you to choose which size(s) you would like to print. This makes your pattern more comprehensible and saves ink. In Adobe Acrobat Reader go to View > Show/Hide > Navigation Panes > Layers. All sizes are selected by default. Deactivate the sizes you do not need. However, always leave the layer For all sizes – select when printingactive! 

On all pages you‘ll find the page number (grey) and an assembly line for the pattern. Spread out the pattern on the floor and place the pieces along the lines. The numbers run from top to bottom, the columns from left to right. Tape all the pages together to get the complete pattern. 

Print at the copyshop

Your .zip file also contains a file in “copy shop” format, which you can print out at a local print shop or service such as if you wish. Our copy shop pattern files are usually A0 format (1189 x 841 mm), as this is a common large format for printing. 

Printers have a variety of printing options, so it’s best to google if your copy shop can print the pattern. Unfortunately, we can’t customise our pattern files for every specific request or change the size for custom requests. 

But we have compiled some important information for your copy shop in each pattern.

Print with

We would also like to recommend for printing our patterns. This small, friendly British company ships worldwide at very low prices. They understand patterns and produce patterns on tissue paper at very high quality. You can find Su & Mark at

Important note

This is a digital download sewing pattern and no paper pattern. The download contains the pattern in copy shop format (using a plotter at a copy shop – whole pattern on one printing plate), A4 and letter format, sizing chart as well as instructions for sewing this garment in written language. NO visual illustrations included. Find all patterns with step-by-step illustrations here.

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    Who we are

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  • How to print our patterns  

    How to print our patterns

    Our assembly for print-at-home patterns is super easy and quick! Easily print your patterns at home and glue them together for instant sewing results. See how to!

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  • How to find your size  

    How to find your size

    As important as the right fabric: the fitting and finding the right size for your body shape. Check out our Size Chart to see which of the included sizes will fit you best.

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